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Atatürk Library

Atatürk Library is the initial library of early republic period that connected to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It provides service directly to public and research speacialists.

Atatürk Library belongs to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and it is the initial library of early republic period that provides service to public and research speacialists.

First library of Istanbul has been built in Şehremaneti in 1924. The Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Üstündağ established Municipal Museum and Library with the comission members Fuat Köprülü, Halil Edhem, Süheyl Ünver, Osman Nuri Ergin’s decision in 1939. That commission came together in Şişli Atatürk evi and gathered collections to the Beyazit Moslem Theological School in 1931.  Library has been seperated from museum in 1945 because of intense purchasing and donation therefore library could not outgrow to its own building in 1960’s. 

In 50th year of republic, Koç Holding A.Ş. built a structure in 1973 in Taksim Mete Avenue. That building has been started to call with the name of Atatürk in 1981. Atatürk library still remains in same building at the present time. Osman Ergin, Muallim Cevdet, Haşim İşcan and Muhsin Ertuğrul are the founder and intensive donator of IMM Atatürk Library. With Founder’s and other 100 donator person’s donation, number of books reached to 140.000 and nowadays that number has reached to almost 500.000 books

Atatürk Library has great users group from elementry school students to international researches and academicians. IMM Atatürk Library is surely initial functional library of our country. IMM Atatürk Library contains almost 50.000  manuscripts, albums, atlas, maps, calendars, yearbooks, postcards newspapers and collections about Istanbul, Atatürk and other special collections. These collections have been digitalizated since therefore,  aging, fatigue and deformation of paper,disappearing information and loosing document have been prevented. Approximately 1.000.000 printed papers have been digitalized. Digitalization labors are being kept constantly.

Atatürk Library gets attention with capacity of 500.000 books, tome and restoration atelier, physical archive, conference room, exhibition hall and providing of making photocopy and microfilm and other cultural activities. Atatürk Library has alfabetic subject catalogs (Dewey), dictionary and subject headlined card catalog works. Our library uses Anglo American Cataloging Rules. Besides a functional multiple querying and searching database has been generated. Services of loan books, selling  new or old digital work’s CD to domestic or foreing searchers and making photocopy are possible services of our library.


Departments Of Atatürk Library

1. Main Book Store

2. Reading Hall of Periodicals

3. Reading Hall of Puclic Library

4. Rare Books

5. Supply and gift Department

6. Hospital of Books and Restoration

7. Tome Atelier

8. Conference Room

9. Exhibition Hall


Collections of Atatürk Library

1. Rare Books

2. Periodical Magazine and Newspapers

3. Visual Albums

4. Maps

5. Newer Books


Tel: 0212 249 95 65
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Email: kutuphanemuzeler@ibb.gov.tr

Working Hours

Our library is 7/24 open.

Address : Mete cad. No:45 Taksim/İstanbul
Phone : 0212 249 95 65 - 0212 249 09 45
E-Mail : kutuphanemuzeler@ibb.gov.tr

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