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Ahmet Kabaklı Library - Fatih

Ali Emiri Kültür Merkezi Ahmet Kabaklı Kütüphanesi Akşemsettin Cad. Mimar Sinan Mah. No : 52 Kat : 3 Fatih / İSTANBUL

Ahmet Kabaklı library contains nearly 26.000 books that 16.695 of them are collection.9.000 books remain in public section. 15 periodical books are available at present time.
Instead of primary resource,all books are possible to be borrow by library users. All our member users can borrow book as far as 5 books untill 1 month. As common implementation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, stable resources and collections can not be borrowed to any users or readers but they can make photocopy of necessary pages.

Everyone can use municipal libraries, elementry schools visit or for other collective visits just need to take a reservation before visiting. On certain days and weeks,Turkish language lessons,reading hours,history lessons is being orginised. In Ahmet Kabaklı library there is an exhibition hall where Mr. Ahmet Kabaklı’s works are presented to the library users and readers.



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