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Ahmet Süheyl Ünver Public and Children’s Library

Alemdağ Cad. Haldun Alagaş Spor Kompleksi Ümraniye/İstanbul

Ahmet Süheyl Ünver Library was opened by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Haldun Alagaş Sports and Culturel Center building Umraniye Istanbul in 2001.

IMM has given the name of Prof. Dr. Süheyl Ünver to library to introduce precious scientist Prof.Dr.Süheyl Ünver to Turkish youth and public. Süheyl Ünver Library located inside the Sports Center in Umraniye that circumstances made our library more popular in the surrounding schools and among young people. All our member users can borrow book as far as 5 books untill 1 month. As common implementation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, stable resources and collections can not be borrowed to any users or readers but they can make photocopy of necessary pages.


Tel: 0216 634 44 22

Email: kutuphanemuzeler@ibb.gov.tr

Working Hours
Monday – Saturday  : 09:00 - 21:00
Closed on Sunday

Address : Mete cad. No:6 Taksim/İstanbul
Phone : 0212 249 95 65 - 0212 249 09 45
E-Mail : kutuphanemuzeler@ibb.gov.tr

Everyday opening time 09:00 closing time 17:00

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