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Şehir Müzesi (City Museum)

En Akşemsettin Cad. Mimar Sinan Mah. No: 52 Kat : 3 Fatih / İSTANBUL

Şehir Müzesi (City Museum) is located in Yıldız Palace Complex which is the fourth largest palace of the Ottoman Empire. Şehir Müzesi was opened in 1988. That Museum displays the objects that reveal the details of life during the Ottoman period.

First opening date of Şehir Müzesi reaches to 1939. It started to serve in Beyazit municipal library, after 1945 museum has moved to Gazanfer Ağa Medresesi in Saraçhane and kept serving.

In 1988 Şehir Müzesi moved to Yıldız Palace Complex with its new name “City Museum”. Museum, organized the exhibition area consists of two floors long hall.

İstanbul Şehir Müzesi has good qualification and mainly contains 18th and 19th centuries etnographic historical works. Paintings,images,text line sheets,fabrics,Stars,Istanbul stamped porcelain,various glass works,writing materials, religious orders stuffs, kitchen utensils,coffee sets,thurible,pots,jewelery,scales,weights,seals and skin patterns. All of These objects reflect the social life of Istanbul from Ottoman Era.

The names of artists are: Civanyan, Şevket Dağ, Henri Malla, Prieur Bardin, Mesrur İzzet, şerif Ferid, Halil Paşa, Sami Boyar, Ziya Keseroğlu. Enterance is free.



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