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Atatürk Library contains totally 4.760 manuscripts. These works were grouped under 6 main collections

Atatürk Library contains totally 4.760 manuscripts. These works were grouped under 6 main collections.

Belediye Yazmaları (Municipal Manuscripts)

That collection concists of donated postcards albums from different times and  new purchasings. That collection contained 3.018 manuscripts in 2013. Notes of Kurtuluş Savaşı (Turkish War Of Independence) Armenian upheavals, report of assassination to Atatürk, War of Ottoman and Greece, World War One notes of Iraqi front line and other manuscripts have been added to Belediye Yazmaları in recent years.

Muallim Cevdet Yazmaları:

     That collection has various official and documents as well as land registration documents, at the same time that collection contains precious 1.064 works about  literature and history.

Osman Ergin Yazmaları: 

     That collection contains totally 4,935 works about education, local government and sufism. Language of these works are in Ottoman,Arabic,Persian and Latin.

Caligraphic Qurans: 

Handwriting Qurans were registerated as a separate collection in IMM Atatürk Library also our library’s collection has 48 Qurans in versions of caligraphy and illuminated manuscript.

Cevdet Paşa Yazmaları:

59 copies of Ahmet Cevdet’s published books have been donated to IMM Ataturk library by Ahmed Cevdet’s doughter Fatma Aliye Hanım from Ahmed Cevdet’s collection.

Documents Of Fatma Aliye Hanım: 

Fatma Ali Hanım document collection contains totally 70 documents of reduction of print pastes, envelopes, notebooks, letters, caligraphies, drafts of poems and proses and photos. Nail Bayraktar prapered all works of caligraphic and printed catalogs who retired from General Directorate Of Libraries And Publications. Directoriate Of Libraries and Museums has printed all this works in 2003.

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