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Implementation of Audio Library for Visually Handycapped of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Museums Library was evaluated a succesfull project by ISTKA.

That project of IMM was the first in Istanbul, Turkey and IMM is extending that project for across Turkey. That information center will establish into Istanbul and it will support socio-economic aspects of families of visiually handycapped persons.

In the Context of that Project;

It will be possible to get online access 7/24 to pdf and audio books thus, primary and secondary level visually handycapped students can access their syllabus and other necessary sources. In the ongoing process these opportunities will be possible to use with application in private smart phones and tablets and visually handycapped people can hear audio books from their smart phones. Besides with “Brill Aplhabet” shape recognition skills will be learned to visually handycapped students.

In workshops will be learned and loved various hobbies to each ages groups of visually handycapped students. That project will be realized in September 15th. IMM hopes that Project will be centre of attention in Istanbul for visually handycapped people.

Prelusively project duration will be 12 months but it will possible to be extended duration and content by IMM.

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