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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Taksim Atatürk Library

Address: Mete cad. No : 6 Taksim / İstanbul Phone : 0212 249 95 65 - 0212 249 09 45 E-Mail : kutuphanemuzeler@ibb.gov.tr

A component of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Directorate of Libraries and Museums, Atatürk Library is one of the first libraries of the Turkish Republic. It is open to the use of the public and researchers.


The first municipal library in Istanbul was established in 1924 in the municipality building.


The library collection, which started in Şişli Atatürk House in 1929 and moved to the Beyazıt Madrasa in 1931 was inaugurated as a Municipal Museum and Library on July 10, 1939. The museum was separated from the museum in 1945 when the library outgrew due to purchases and donations. By the 1960s, the library collection outgrew the madrasa as well.


On March 3, 1981, the library moved to the building on Taksim’s Mete Street, under the name of Atatürk Library, where it still resides. The Atatürk Library, which started with 140,000 books has over 500,000 books today.


Ataturk Library serves a wide range of audiences from primary school to university students, from local academicsto international researchers. The library contains over 50,000 manuscripts, albums, atlas-maps, calendars, almanacs, postcards, and newspapers. The collections have been digitized – approximately 1,000,000 pages have already been digitized– thus preventing the loss of information and documents due to tear and wear.


The library, with its 500,000 book capacity, tome and restoration atelier, archive, conference and exhibition halls, photocopying and microfilm services, has also been home to various cultural events.


In the library, which has alphabetical and subject (Dewey) catalogs, Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR2) are applied. Besides, a functional multiple querying and searching database helps the visitors find the book they need. Local and international researchers can also borrow books and get copies of new and old documents as CDs or photocopies.

Address : Mete cad. No:6 Taksim/İstanbul
Phone : 0212 249 95 65 - 0212 249 09 45
E-Mail : kutuphanemuzeler@ibb.gov.tr

Everyday opening time 09:00 closing time 17:00

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