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Aşiyan Museum

En Akşemsettin Cad. Mimar Sinan Mah. No: 52 Kat : 3 Fatih / İSTANBUL

Tevfik Fikret drew the house of the project himself, the word of Aşiyan meaning is “Home” in Persian Language therefore Tevfik Fikret has given that name to his house.

The building of Tevfik Fikret’s House was the real house of famous Turkish Poet Tevfik Fikret who lived in that building between 1906-1915. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality bought that building from Tevfik Fikret’s wife Ms. Nazime and IMM has converted that building from house to museum in 1940 and it was opened by municipality as museum.

Aşiyan Museum building is in a large garden with three floors, The ground floor of the museum today is used for administrative tasks. Enterance is free.



Tel: 0212 263 69 86
Email: kutuphanemuzeler@ibb.gov.tr

Visiting Hours

Weekday and Weekend: 09:00 - 17:00

Note: Our museum is closed on Mondays.

Address : Mete cad. No:6 Taksim/İstanbul
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E-Mail : kutuphanemuzeler@ibb.gov.tr

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