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Digitalization of Ottoman Era’s Periodicals

Code And Name Of Project: İSTKA/2014/YEN-89

Digitalization of Ottoman Era’s Periodicals

Project Duration: 12 Months                    
Status Of Projects: Activities of project have been realised and project is implemented successfully
Web Site Of Project: http://ataturkkitapligi.ibb.gov.tr/ataturkkitapligi/index.php


Project Team

Project Coordinator: Selçuk AYDIN

Project Coordinator Asst.: Mücahit BİLGİLİ

Project Catalog Control: Mustafa SEYAR

Project Visual Control: Kezban SARIALTIN

Project Programmer Control: Güzin AKINCİ


Project Objectives :

Goal of project is the protection of written and printed cultural heritage materials with digitalization. So that It becomes to possible preventing rare cultural heritage works from damage, aging and deformation because of human usage. Finally to protect original texts can be possible. Project aim is generating inovative high quality services in the fields of science,culture and social life firstly for our country and secondarily for our region.

General and Specific Purposes:

Digitalizating peridocials (Historicals Newspaper and Magazines) of Ottoman Era and transfering knowledge more fluently and to provide faster access to information thorugh intranet and internet for public and citizens. Project goal is developing the capacity of innovation and creativity of Istanbul. Facilitating knowledge transfer amoung libraries is also purpose of our project.


Project Leader:

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality -  Department Of Cultural And Social Affairs


• Project Budget:  1.314.165,00TL TL

• Total Project Budget: 1.314.165,00TL

• Requested Amount:  1.164.165,00 TL (88,59) TL


 Project Activities:

1. Gathering project team members

2 .Preparing of project office

3. Introductory meeting.

4. Scaning periodicals (historical newspaper) with digital scanners

5.Cataloging periodicals (historical newspaper) in accordance with issue

6. An organization of workshop themed digitalizating periodicals (historical newspapers)

7. Preparing copies of digitalizated images for web usage

8. Serving of digital sources 7/24 as online through web site

9. The preparation and publication of the digitalizated periodicals catalogs

10.Realization of project reporting and audit activities

11.Final sitting


 Expected results of the project:

1. Delegate and distribute of duties has been done and Project team has been constituted

2. Project Office was prepared

3. Introductory meeting.was held

4. Periodicals (histroical Newspapers) has been digitalizated with digital scanners

(1.500.000 page/image )

5. Cataloging periodicals have been realised and linked to catalog information (historical newspapers) in accordance with issue (150.000)

6. A workshop about digitalization of periodicals have been organized (historical newspaper)

7. Web usage copies of digitalizated images have been prepared.

8. Presentations, advertisements and have been done with attending occupational symposiums and meetings

9. Digitalizated periodicals (historical newspapers) have been put into service through web site and it serves during 7/24

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